Dali Art 國際藝術村 第四期駐村藝術家
駐村期間2018. 06            07
游尊鈞,1986年生,台中豐原人,插畫與圖像創作者,就讀於台南藝術大學動畫藝術研究所。擅長以可愛的虛擬角色與繽紛活潑的用色打造出屬於自己的視覺符號, 作品多以環境友善、生活與社會議題為主題,希望能與身邊的人產生更多共鳴。

4th DALI ART residency artist - A Monster A Day

Yu Tsun Chun, Bron in 1986, Fengyuan, Taichung. He is an illustrator and Image Creator who study at the Graduate Institute of Animation and Film Art, Tainan National Universuty of the Art. Good at creating my own visual symbols with cute virtual characters and vibrant colors. Most of works are based on the theme of environmental friendliness, life and social issues. Hope the art works have more resonance with people.